VerifWorks is among the Top-25 innovators!

As we close a very successful year 2015, a great news for our entire team at VerifWorks and partners – we are chosen as one of the Top 25 innovators in the category of start-ups!


As an alma matter of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IITD), our co-founder and chief technologist Srini has been invited to showcase our technology at IIT-D on the Dec 29th 2015! This is perhaps the best new year gift that we could ask for!

At this juncture, our CEO and co-founder Mrs. Ajeetha Kumari ran down the memory lane of our long history of EDA experience. To summarize it in a single picture, see below:


For those who recall, Mrs. Ajeetha herself started as an independent EDA consultant immediately after her M.S. in EE from the prestigious IIT-Madras (Chennai) in 2000-2001. While she worked on emerging technologies such as ABV (using PSL in those days) and with SystemVerilog being born (as an Accellera standard back then), she found enough business to be able to start a new company named “Contemporary Verification Consultants” (CVC) and employed a bunch of smart EE graduates. The company offered EDA tool validation related services both onsite and offsite and started to become a name to remember for years to come! Fast forwarding to 2009, Srini joined us onboard and that fuelled our growth tremendously from a technology perspective. As many of the semiconductor design houses have known Srini and CVC for many years by now, some of the emerging EDA start-ups (such as NextOp, Agnisys, Breker, Bluepearl etc.) in the US showed interest in deploying their technology in India through CVC.

Over many years of engaging with customers our team felt a strong need and a niche area for our own products in EDA. Moving very much in line with India’s MakeInIndia campaign, we started assembling a small, but talented team of engineers along with Srini to work on new products for the VLSI Design-Verification (DV) market.

 MakeInIndia_orange             VW_logo_1

That’s a quick walk on our CEO’s memory lane to see how VerifWorks was born.

As we head to IIT-Delhi for the Alumni Day 2015 and the “Top 25 innovators showcase”, stay tuned for more updates from the field as it happens. If you are interested in watching it live via web, here is a link for you: 

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