Verification Pitstop – Quick Check On UVM Code

We at VerifWorks are on a mission to deliver excellence in verification quality so that the maximum number of design bugs can be found as well as at the earliest. VerifWorks’s Karuta is a  ML enabled dynamic analysis engine that qualifies the verification mostly done in UVM to achieve shift-left. We ran Karutaon some of the popular, opensource, non-trivial UVM codebase from Google, Cadence, Juniper, Ariane RISC–V, TVIP and more. Our analysis into these codebase reveal interesting results, that left us baffled. Below is a sneek preview:

We will be showcasing this and more in our booth at upcoming DVCon ( USA 2020, Mar 2-4, in San Jose, CA, USA. Looking forward to seeing you there #Booth904

You can learn more about the Karuta HERE. Meanwhile you can get in touch with us for more details and/or your own evaluation via For Karuta evaluation follow the link: KarutaEval

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