Verification Pitstop – Quick Check On UVM Code

We at VerifWorks are on a mission to deliver excellence in verification quality so that the maximum number of design bugs can be found as well as at the earliest. VerifWorks’s Karuta is a  ML enabled dynamic analysis engine that qualifies the verification mostly done in UVM to achieve shift-left. We ran Karutaon some of […]

VerifWorks becomes an Accellera Member company

Mar 23, 2018, Bangalore, India – VerifWorks has joined Accellera Systems Initiative as a member company.              This is a key step in promoting upcoming standards such as IEEE 1800.2 UVM, UPF 3.0 and beyond, Portable Stimulus Standard (PSS), IP-XACT and variants – just to name a few. The latest […]

VerifWorks activities around DVCon USA 2016

VerifWorks, an innovative, women-led, EDA start-up from India is proud to be associated with DVCon in several ways. First of all, our co-founder and Verification technologist Srini will be delivering an danced UVM tutorial at the event. This tutorial is sponsored by Accellera and is shared among 2 EDA companies (VerifWorks & Synopsys) and a […]

Free hands-on technical seminar: Graph Based Verification (GBV) – 101: building the basics

Graph Based Verification (GBV) – 101: building the basics GBV – Graph Based Verification is the latest trend in Functional Verification of ASICs. Graphs can work on top of any existing TB language/methodology making them ideal for any team looking to explore next horizons in Verification. In this hands-on seminar, attendees will learn the basics […]

An ACE visualizer for your design’s clocking structure – welcome to Bluepearl’s ACE!

Recently Blue Pearl Software announced the availability of a new feature named ACE – Advanced Clock Environment ( ). We at VerifWorks tried it on one of our existing DSP designs. The design is not very complex, but it has multiple clock domains, as the core clock is faster than the Enqueue and Dequeue logic. […]

Welcome to VerifWorks!

A new beginning, a new avatar , being built on a decade old company – CVC ( We at CVC are committed to supporting our recurring customer base in an efficient, easy-to-approach manner. We are in the process of re-structuring our engineering workforce to streamline our various offerings. And as we grow into a bigger organization […]