VerifWorks becomes an Accellera Member company

Mar 23, 2018, Bangalore, India – VerifWorks has joined Accellera Systems Initiative as a member company.


This is a key step in promoting upcoming standards such as IEEE 1800.2 UVM, UPF 3.0 and beyond, Portable Stimulus Standard (PSS), IP-XACT and variants – just to name a few. The latest one is the early work group formation on “IP Security Assurance Specification”. 

Our founders have long history of working closely with Accellera in areas such as:

  • SystemVerilog
  • UVM
  • SystemC
  • UVM-SystemC
  • UPF
  • Portable Stimulus Standard

Also our leadership team has been instrumental in bringing DVCon to India along with Accellera team.

With this new membership we look forward to be able to develop key productivity tools for our customers looking to adopt upcoming standards from Accellera.



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