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It is that time of the year – when the DV (Design & Verification) community comes together to share ideas, success stories and new products; yes DVCon India 2016 is around the corner. Our co-founder Ajeetha has been running a successful countdown to this mega event for second year in a row @ VerifNews DVCon […]

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VerifWorks, an innovative, women-led, EDA start-up from India is proud to be associated with DVCon in several ways. First of all, our co-founder and Verification technologist Srini will be delivering an danced UVM tutorial at the event. This tutorial is sponsored by Accellera and is shared among 2 EDA companies (VerifWorks & Synopsys) and a […]

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For all SystemVerilog enthusiasts and engineers working day-in and day-out with this powerful language, here is some more reason to cheer! Our latest 2015.10 version of DVCreate SystemVerilog Interface just got better! We now added more automation including: SystemVerilog Interface With modports, clocking blocks Top level Testbench skeleton code DUT instantiation Interface instantiation Clock generation […]

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Verdi’s open debug platform enables portability across EDA vendors Verdi, the industry’s de-facto debug platform, offers a fully extensible platform for SoC teams and third-party EDA vendors to develop innovative applications (apps) for the large Design & Verification community. VerifWorks (, a CVC venture has joined the VC Apps program in 2014 and have been […]

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Recently a smart engineer at Maxim Integrated Circuits asked a tricky question on operator ordering/precedence in an online UVM forum. Though the question originated from UVM/TB code, the similar situation could easily occur in RTL design. Here is a code snippet:   Does SystemVerilog standard specify the order in which logical and bit-wise operations get […]