VerifWorks has partnered with Paripath Inc. in the US to bring the industry’s most advanced sign-off technology to India customers.

Paripath Inc. is a US based start up EDA tool company.  Headquartered in Milpitas, CA, USA, Paripath  is founded by  a team of seasoned EDA professionals who are passionate about circuit characterization and analysis technology with combined experience of several decades.

Our core values are
  1. Serving our customers with BEST technology
  2.  Fanatic support
  3. Committed to our customer’s success

 Paripath Inc. offers the following two EDA tools.


Paripath product Guna is a fast and flexible characterization platform for cells, I/O pad, complex cells and memories. It is built on BEST in class analysis engines, performing Boolean, Electrical, Structural Stimulus and Temporal analysis of circuits.


Paripath product inCharge analyzes custom circuits for charge sharing violations. Charge  sharing violations slow speed of domino/dynamic circuits and can cause functional failure. Paripath inCharge will identify and report violating nodes using ultra-fast and accurate static analysis technology.

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Here is a short introductory Video on this exciting technology:

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