The Elixir-SV is a comprehensive SystemVerilog Test Suite devloped by VerifWorks (http://www.verifworks.com), a CVC venture. It is aimed at slashing validation time for EDA vendors by assisting in their tool development cycle. It also enables the semiconductor design teams (and/or CAD teams) to qualify and evaluate competing EDA tools thereby avoiding costly redesigns and re-spins. Overall from a mangement perspective Elixir-SV dramatically reduces our customers’ validation effort, costs and time-to-market.  SV Test Suite addresses the needs of EDA tool developers to quickly measure the quality of their products. Elixir-SV is a comprehensive test suite based on SystemVerilog IEEE 1800-2005 standard. It is also being upgraded to include SystemVerilog IEEE 1800-2009 and 1800-2012 revisions based on customer demand. Incorporation of these standards in the design cycle will enable semiconductor design teams to create solutions that make designers more efficient.


Elixir SV Datasheet
Elixir SV Datasheet
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