Encrypt your source code, the smarter way! Code Encryption has always been a fascinating task. At VerifWorks we strongly believe we are dealing with engineers and NOT thieves! This means that we want to provide our customers with an easy-yet-portable way of encrypting their source code. We looked at the available options in the market and most of them do binary level encryption. While that’s needed by many customers,  for many others it is too cumbersome, error-prone, non-portable solution.

With that in mind we invested in a smarter encryption (to be precise it is code obfuscation) where-in we encrypt the code in such a way that human eyes (remember again we are dealing with engineers) can not understand the code, but a compiler can easily decipher it. The result is a family of products:

  • DVEnc-RTL
  • DVEnc-SVA
  • DVEnc-TB

Stay tuned for more information.

Update: Here is a detailed product specification and sample applications!DVEnc_spec

And here is a Video version of the same flyer [kad_youtube url=”http://youtu.be/4UjDWut-jVQ” ]