DVCreate-LP Low Power

Consumer electronics segment is full of power hungry devices such as: Smartphones, Mobiles, iPADs, tablet PCs and gaming gadgets etc. So the Design and Verification of these complex electronics systems need to account for power reduction techniques, challenges posed by such techniques etc. IEEE 1801 standard defines UPF -Unified Power Format for capturing the power intent of these large systems. We at VerifWorks have been working on UPF based project for few years now with tens of thousands of lines of UPF code written by our engineers. Though intuitive and easy syntax, the TCL based UPF files tend to be large, verbose and cumbersome to create, visualize and debug.

Our DVC-LP is a product that can automate first cut UPF file generation from given specification, RTL etc. As with our other DVCreate series of products we envision this to work with many platforms such as Synopsys’s Verdi, Invionics’s Invio and others.

Contact us via support@verifworks.com to learn more about this exciting new product, pricing  and availability.





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